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• 7/22/2018

charmed men

Who is sexier and hotter in bed?
  • chris
  • wyatt
  • leo
  • henry
  • coop
  • cole
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• 7/22/2018

Manic Episodes Tackles the Comics

Some of you who are aware of Allison Pregler's Charmed reviews would be interested to know her review of season 9 has just come out!
Charmed (Season 9 Comics): Part 1 (Manic Episodes)
Charmed (Season 9 Comics): Part 1 (Manic Episodes) YouTube
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• 7/15/2018

Editing fandom pages

I dont mean any disrespect towards most people who bust butt to write out the fandom pages but some of the grammar and writing is terrible. Seriously! I will give an example in the pic. Generally when you use the word "when" you're trying to give an answer, that plus run on sentences, come on its like a 5 yo wrote it. You're making these pages for people to read and get info from. They should at least look half way professional. I have read at least 10 pages today and all 10 were bad. Perhaps I am a grammar nazi, but if my name is attached to something, I would want it to be perfect.
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• 5/19/2018

Charmed (CW) 2018 Reboot.

You can talk about the reboot of Charmed.
Charmed (The CW) Trailer HD - 2018 Reboot
Charmed (The CW) Trailer HD - 2018 Reboot YouTube
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• 5/11/2018
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• 4/17/2018

Wizard Spellbooks

Would a wizard's spellbook just be a spell book or would it have a proper, formal name like a witch's BOS or grimoire?
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• 4/17/2018

Warlock Grimoires

Would warlocks have grimoires too like evil witches? When the Charmed Ones were turned into warlocks because of Prue's Dark Binding, their Book of Shadows turned evil. Users still consider it a BOS, but their book was turned evil, so would it be a grimoire?
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• 4/9/2018

Strongest power

I was wondering which witch wielded the strongest powers for a fanmade story I'm working on, but I need some help with the powers. If you know of any other stronger powers, just add them in the comments.
Which power do you guys think is the strongest/has the most potential and why?
  • Molecular manipulation
  • Telekinesis
  • Energy projection
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Empathy
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• 3/29/2018

Twice blessed question

If the angels of Destiny took away Wyatt Chris and Melinda's status as twice blessed does Wyatt still have Excalibur? Does he and siblings have any residual twice blessedness?
Also why would they inherit the charmed power and not page or phoebe kids or could all kids have powers and tie in to the charmed inheritance s
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• 2/23/2018

A Thousand Deaths

Hi everyone, I want to discuss the short-lived A Thousand Deaths comic of Charmed. I would suggest handling them the same way we handle the novels; treat them as non-canon and create a seperate category for their content, so it doesn't confuse visitors.
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• 2/21/2018

Question About Name

How come Phillipa (P. Baxter's mother) and Agnes (P. Russell's mother) have the last name Halliwell if the name Halliwell didn't come until years later through P. Baxter's son in law - Allen Halliwell?

Phillipa and Agnes are the daughters of James Bowen & Iris J Sauls, and the wives of Redmond Baxter & Gordon Russell, so shouldnt their surnames be one of those?
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• 2/20/2018

Charmed Reboot News

They've cast one of the main characters! Meet Mel, played by Melonie Diaz.
CW’s ‘Charmed’ Reboot Pilot Casts ‘Fruitvale Station’ Star Melonie Diaz
CW’s ‘Charmed’ Reboot Pilot Casts ‘Fruitvale Station’ Star Melonie Diaz Variety
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• 2/7/2018

Handling the Reboot

I wanted to start a specific discussion as to how the reboot will be handled on the wiki. It was previously discussed on a userpage but since it was "annoying", I will bring it up again here.
A section on a page was suggested. I think that is a good suggestion, but now there are also casting sides available. I think an advantage of a separate page is that people might not come across it unless they are specifically looking for it (if we don't excessively link to it). That way, people who aren't familiar with the process of creating a series do not unnecessarily get their hopes up. However, I am also totally fine with the section.

Regardless of how we handle it, I do think it's worth it to include the reboot on the wiki. It's happening, it's in development, whether we like it or not. And whether or not it's going to be ordered to series, it is a development in the show's legacy.
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• 2/4/2018


Hello, everyone. Welcome to the new dicussions feature on the wiki. It can be used to dicuss anything related to Charmed. Feel free to add discussions and topics to share your opinions with other Charmed fans.
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• 2/3/2018

Hopes And Opinions For The Reboot.

I want the reboot to stay away from Charmed as possible. Please do not have any Whitelighters or Darkligthers and Elders basically no Angels or Devils like the Source. This needs to start original and new as much as it has to be. I do not want Charmed to behovering over the reboot or there will not be a point for a reboot. If a actor or actress should visit or be on the reboot I don't them to overpower the cast. Like on the Arrowverse the original actors from Lois and Clark and Smallville and the Flash did stand their ground but they did not takeover. The shows are still good to watch with or without them. I thought it could be called something like Warren Witches or Lineage or Essences. I do not know.
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